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I've got a Cand.Scient.(Master) degree in Informatics from the University of Oslo, Norway. I've also got a Postgraduate Diploma in Knowledge Based Systems from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The programming languages I've worked with are Simula, C, Pascal and SQL. The Mac programming frameworks I've worked with are Macintosh Toolbox and Carbon. I wish to learn Cocoa and Objective-C and Ruby and Java.

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I've listened to rock music since the '70s. My own musical background amounts to playing balalaika in secondary school. Here are some of the bands I listen the most to on my iPods:

THE FALL "transcend all categories even rock'n'roll, the fall are rock'n'roll" - Mark E. Smith

Some of these bands I discovered by listening to the John Peel Show and the Festive 50 on BBC.

I've made some lists of Fall albums and other artists at Amazon.

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As a good Norwegian I support several clubs:

I've played for the following clubs in Norway: Sandefjord Ballklubb (Youth and reserves), Helgerod IL (old Div.4), Lodingen IL (old Div.5), Hoybraaten/Stovner IL (old Div.5) and Steinbaann SK (Div.8).

There are a lot of football links at SoccerNet.

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